Monday, April 03, 2006


How does anyone ever start the first entry in a blog? I am just going to carry on as usual even though I have selected the title beginning.

It is only the beginning of this blog, not of anything else in my life. the only beginnnig in my life is I am starting to work for my BIL/SIL doing some data entry, as well as my one day of teaching. So I am a mostly SAHM, occasional WOHM and probably a WAHM too.

I am so excited to be doing some work...I believe it will give more structure to my life. The data entry gig was way out of the blue. I was thinking how I could start a small busisness sewing things at home but this will probably bring in more money for less time. And I can still sew lots for myself and Jalisa.

Speaking of sewing, I finished another item for the Ipswich show. So far that is for. Plus I cut out some tees so at least one of those should be entered too. I will post pics when I take some.

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