Friday, April 21, 2006


Yesterday I spent a bit of time making a detailed list of all the businesses that I could possibly set up. One of them was an aussie sewing site. Well, I came across today so I might hang there and see how it goes.

I guess I am just looking for a crowd to hang around with. I love lurking on US based forums but I get a bit jealous of the things I miss out on (swaps, trades etc) because it is WAY too expensive to post there all the time. So I am looking for something local.

I have decided that I need to get motivated to make stuff in hopes of trading/ the moment I am in a rut because I need external motivation for this type of stuff. Logically I know that I need a lot more feedback etc from real people regarding my stuff and the only way to get this (and know that a clothing biz is right for me) is to have people DESIRE my stuff.


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