Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nappy change roll tutorial

Cut 1 - 62cm x 20cm (pockets)
Cut 2 - 62cm x 36cm (inside and outside)

Cut 1 - 62cm x 20cm
Cut 1 – 62cm x 36cm

1. Apply interfacing to one of the larger pieces – this will be for the outside. Pin the other piece of interfacing right side to right side of fabric and sew one long edge of fabric. Flip the interfacing over and iron on as usual (this method will provide a neat finish for facings as well).

2. Using tailor’s chalk, mark lines of pocket pieces as follows – 16cm from edge, 15cm from chalk line.

3. Place pocket on inside fabric piece, matching lower edges and corners. Sew up the two pocket seams over the chalk lines.

4. Baste two lengths of ribbon, cord or thin tubes of fabric to one short side.

5. Pin right side of outer piece of fabric to right side of inner fabric/pockets. Sew all four sides, leaving a good-sized gap so that you can turn. Trim corners.

6. Turn right side out and use crochet hook or chopstick to round out corners. Fold seam allowance in gap to inside and topstitch all the way around.

Fill your nappy change roll with goodies and away you go!


  1. Oh wow, thanks for the tute! I think I'll have to give it a go, much better than Jai's bulky baby bag.

  2. Thanks for this Marie - on my "to do" list!! Wish it was a short list!!

  3. Thanks Marie I will have to give it a go


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