Saturday, January 06, 2007

Back from the coast

What a fantastic holiday...apart from the cold and miserable days - the last couple of years have been extremely hot so it was really weird spending most days dreaming or chasing the girl around.

Some changes that we made this year - a huge tent and a new site (next one over under more shade). We bought some more chairs and shade cloth too.

This is the back of the site - no more cars parked under the tent. The unused playpen makes a great child barrier for part of the time. Next year the gap will be covered with the shade cloth that we bought, so no more pesky rain coming in under the tarp.
First walk on the beach - where Jalisa discovered a great dislike for the sand. We also found blue bottles washed up on the beach, so while it is a sunny day it is not a great day for swimming. That is my dad and Wayne in the picture too.
We did have a couple of hot days - I thought this picture was funny as she went down on the mattress fully clothed.
Jalisa's first ride at the fair. For the most of the ride, she had both hands off the wheel so she spun around for the most of it!
It was such a great holiday compared with last year. Jalisa slept like a dream and was happy to go visit her cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. We were comfortable (albeit cold) and had just the right amount of time to relax, shop, play - plus Wayne did most of the cooking.


  1. Marie, looks like you had a great holiday

  2. Marie - Looks as though you had a great holiday and break - you have a great set up!

  3. Yes - it is a great set up.


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