Thursday, December 21, 2006


I have had some exciting mail - and I don't really know for sure who they are from. Yep, secret santa swaps.

The is the swap from the EB sewing group - I am so in love with the top piece of fabric - that is so me (graduates from light pink to hot pink at each end). I think I will make that into a skirt. The other pieces will have to sit into the stash until I gain inspiration (I need ideas people). Thank you SS (they even included a gift of hairclips for Jalisa).
This is from the Crafty Mamas handmade swap. I simply cannot believe someone has made this purse - I am in awe of their talent. Thank you for this fantastic gift.
We are on holidays for the next two weeks, so no internet access - I hope I will survive.


  1. Wow, Lucky you Marie! That fabric is just beautiful and I think it would look amazing in a skirt.
    And as for that bag, it is devine!! What a talented swap partner you had!

  2. Great SS gifts there Marie. All the fabrics are just gorgeous. I can't believe the patience the person has who made the bag too, it's just lovely!

  3. Hi Marie,

    Just thought that I would pop in and let you know that I was your secret santa for Crafty Mama's (I couldn't believe it when I realised that we were both in the EB and CraftyMama's forums)

    The bag was fun to do - tinny little knitting needles and a lot of patience - as It took me about 20 hours to complete. Glad that you liked it. Kylie


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