Sunday, December 17, 2006


We had the most awesome day yesterday. We went waterskiing - first time since March (which is a little unusual for us I suppose). On my first go, I tried to do a bank start (which I haven't successfully done since before I was married due to pregnancy and lack of time to practice). After a couple of attempts I gave up (and did my usual water start). Since we were child-free and had relatively few people with us, I thought I would be brave and try a few things - which of course resulted in a few spills and tumbles.

Next turn I was still sore so opted for a wild tube ride - really fast so that the water bites your butt as you wizz along. I was debated whether I was going to practice my bank start, try to sit the chair up on the disk or go on the wakeboard when we ran out of fuel.

What the great bit about the day was I finally got to drive the boat while towing others, which I have never done (and I have had my lisence for nearly 18months). no pictures - we forgot to take the camera.


  1. Marie! I am very much in awe that you can waterski! Must admit I have never attempted, it looks like so much fun though! Love to see a shot of you driving the boat next time! Ahoy Captain Marie! :)

  2. I will get a picture next time we go. It will sure look a treat with my frizzy hair sticking out!


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