Friday, December 15, 2006

Yesterday's creations

I finally got around to getting a new ink cartridge, so I could do the applique on Jalisa's stocking. I was stingy and only used one of the Michael Miller FQs (Santa disco dot). I think the J was placed a little too high, I forgot to make some type of loop and the shape of the stocking looks more like a boot, but I am still happy with it. Since I have no mantel or *nice* place to hang it, I have pegged it to the Christmas tree. I just wish the photo had captured the beautiful lights.

The other thing I made yesterday was some playdough - I thought I had made it way to runny so I left it out to dry while we ran some errands and it came to the right consistency. Next time I am going to add some scent as it so fun for adults to play with to. I made green and purple yesterday, to add to the pinky-red that we brought home from the creche room at church. I am thinking that bright lots of scented playdough would make great gifts for the kids at mum's group and playgroup on their birthdays.
Jalisa is cutting her back teeth, hence the dribble. Oh, and the only cookie cutters I have I put in the dishwasher, so she is using some measuring cups/spoons for now.


  1. Marie, love the chrissy stocking. I have made one for Charlotte and Lucy but haven't gotten around to taking pictures yet

  2. Love the green playdough, very Christmassy!!


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