Saturday, December 02, 2006

Origami with fabric

Sewing mamas has a download for making these really cute origami tissue pouches - it seems like the folds won't work until you have sewn it and turn it right side out. Really nifty. You put your tissues/hankies in the slot, and there is a space for other things too.
After making the above puches, I thought it would be possible to make a wallet with some tiers for cards etc. After two attempts to get the folds and proportions right, I came up with this:

Hmm - you can faintly see the lines where you can put cards, money etc.


  1. Love the fabrics Marie, what a great idea for Christmas gifts.

  2. Great idea for the wallets, you are very clever to do those! I keep meaning to check out sewing mamas, but then think I may never get off the internet :P

  3. Marie, I love these purses they are a great idea.

  4. Maybe I should have said how easy sewing wise these are - 2 side seams and that is it.

  5. Anonymous1:31 pm

    They look great!


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