Thursday, May 15, 2008

Boring, fluffy, last minute

I find it difficult to think of exciting titles...

I snatched a little sewing time Tuesday night and yesterday when the kids were occupying themselves. The tee is the curved raglan sleeved one from Ottobre. I am thinking of adding some marbling in shades of blue and maybe yellow (red comes out pink). The cropped jacket is #5 from Ottobre 1/07. I think I will let Jalisa wear it so I can decide whether it needs a closure or not. I would have like a darker pink ribbing, but I could not find one anywhere. The pink feathers are left over from the coat I made last year (do you remember the houndstooth coat I made for the show).
Since I was seeing Mum, I thought I better get around to making her Mother's Day gift...I had really been putting on making up a pattern for the photo album cover I had decided to make. After being unsucessful in finding a suitable fabric that I thought my Mum would like (that I had enough of) I decided to think of something else to make. Since Mum is travelling to England later on in the year, I thought of maing her some bright luggage tags, to help her identify her suitcases. I found a pattern here .
The pattern is pretty wide, so if I made them again, I would reduce the width. I also have decided to add Mum's details (if she wants) on some white cotton with a permenant pen rather that sew on the plastic pocket like the pattern stated. I also added a snap so that they can be put onto the suitcase with ease. Mum was really delighted at the present and said they were so much better than the pieces of fabric they used to tie around their luggage.


  1. Those luggage tags are fantastic, I might give them a go.

  2. Those tags are a great idea Marie, I am sure your mum will love them

  3. Marie - Love the tags and little pink bolero!

    Oh and look at that list of things on the go - hope you get some more kid happy time sewing in!

  4. Great thinking with the luggage tags! They're awesome. You're such a lovely sewist.

  5. I love the cropped jacket! It's so cute.


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