Thursday, May 29, 2008

Marble magic

Finished up some stuff this morning. These are Jalisa's winter PJs. The top pair I dyed - an experiment gone wrong, so I am glad they are just for bed.
Hooded tracksuit made from french terry and some marble dyed jersey. I mucked up the placement of the pocket (should have been 2cm higher) so it looks out of proportion. Jalisa was not keen on wearing this for a photo, but hopefully she will warm up to it soon. I don't want her to get too picky about her clothes just yet.
Diary cover made from some more marble dyed fabric. I have also been working on some secret sewing (for the Snailblazer swap).


  1. Marie, can't wait to see what you are making

  2. Marie - they all look great - love the colour of the pjs - they look too good for bed!

    Also love the marbling of the diary cover.

  3. Love the colours!!! How do you do it? Really interested. Should probably just google lol


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