Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another My Image cowl top

This was my last piece from the retreat-at-home weekend.  This dark green knit was also from that big fabric binge from the other week. I am not known for sewing fabric up as I buy it, so using up three pieces straight away must be some kind of record for me.
This was an odd piece of knit fabric – only 112cm wide. I ambitiously thought I would be able to get a tee and a skirt out of this piece until when I realised how narrow the cut was. I was lucky to get a long sleeved top from it, though I guess cowl necks take a little more fabric.
The mystery fabric is lovely and stretchy so perfect for this type of top. I love this colour so much, it is the colour of my first ever tee stitched in year 9 (that tee was sewn mostly on my Mum’s 70s Elna, and I couldn’t sew the sleeve hems well since there was not free arm and I had never heard of a twin needle). I used some regular thread cone and thread in a bobbin as nothing in my somewhat extensive overlocking thread collection remotely matched this shade.
Nothing else to say but this is a great pattern and perfect for drapey fine knits.


  1. Oh the colour is gorgeous! It looks great on you

  2. Great job and another wonderful color on you!

  3. Another lovely top! The cowl and color are very elegant.

  4. Lovely top and great colour. I have this pattern too and it's strangely addictive.


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