Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jalie 2449

This is the second garment I made on my retreat –at-home sewing day. The fabric is again from my binge. It is a lovely knit but it was not the colour I was imaging. I have never worn anything this colour but it grew on me and I thought it would be perfect for testing out on a new pattern.
I sized it up by one size and straightened the side seams slightly by using Kwik Sew 2874 as a guide. I decided to have the neckband wrap all the way around the top. To find out the amount, I lined the front and back pieces at the shoulder seam and measured by how much extra the back piece extended. I also added length to the neckband (the length of the piece cut off minus a couple of centimetres that that the neckband wouldn’t jut out – I could have worked out what percentage Jalie used by measuring their original pieces along the stitch line but I went with the quicker method of just winging it!).
I really like how it turned out – so now I have another jumper option when I am in the mood for sewing some more. I am on a bit of a knitwear kick since that is mostly what I wear in Winter and I felt I needed a bit more variety. Plus they are easy to sew.
It was a very Jalie day for my today. I wore the jumper, a tee and jeans, all from Jalie patterns.


  1. This color looks fantastic on you. The sweater turned out perfect!


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