Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kwik sew 2874 - zig zag knit

This is the first a three garments I made on Saturday. I was having a bit of a sewing weekend while my fellow Crafty Mamas forum friends were having a retreat.
I have made up this pattern before, but in view c which is designed for colour blocking. I finally got around to tracing of a version where I did not have to overlap and pin pieces together. This is view A with view C neckline.
After not buying fabric for quite some time, I had a huge binge the other week and ended up purchasing over 20m of fabric (plus I won a metre from Lisa @ Crafty Mamas). Just now, as I was calculating my purchases, I gasped. The worse thing is I broke my rule and bought some of the fabric online from a place where I told myself I wouldn’t buy knit fabric from. I was searching for more sweater knits and couldn’t seem to help myself.  
The husband thinks the fabric is hideous, but I thought it would be nice and bright to wear in Winter.  Seeing as I recieved numerous comments today, from both the staff and students at school, I would say the husband doesn't know what he is talking about.  He now admits the fabric looks better made up!

The fabric is a result of the first part of my binge (the other pieces haven’t arrived yet).  I have no idea what sort of knit fabric this actually is, nor the fibre.  I spent a lot of time cutting since I decided that I was going to cut it on the cross and it was hopelessly off grain, if knit can be off grain. I had to cut one half of the pattern at a time and then flip over and the sleeves separately so that I could keep it as aligned as possible.

I think next time I will make the sleeves slightly wider at the wrists. They are fairly close fitting and I am unable to push my sleeves up for washing hand and so on.

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  1. I really like this - and the fun fabric. I almost never see nice sweater knit here.


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