Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Summing up sewing in 2012

This year, I managed to sew 61 items – 27 for the kids and 34 for me. Compared to last year, I made more items for the kids but less for me.
For myself:


Favourite item: The trench coat – pretty colour, great for coolish weather.
Most unexpected enjoyment: pencil skirt – I have avoided the shape thinking it was unflattering but it actually a rather flattering silhouette. And the Sorbettos that I made are worn a lot.

Most worn items: I pretty much wear the blue and red shorts I made weekly and the yellow tee and black and white striped tee as well. What can I say – I love my basics and have been experimenting with colour more this year.


Biggest flop: my first project of the year, which was a little too tight, the straps a little too short and the fabric a tad too sheer. Ooops.

Most time consuming: Trench coat

Most frustrating project: getting some decent fitting pants. Thankfully, thanks to StephC, it is now a breeze and I have lots of plans for pants and shorts in the new year.
This year, I acquired 96.7m of fabric. This includes nearly 17 metres of lining plus fabric that I won and fabric that was given to me. I managed to convert 45.5m(47%) of that fabric to clothing.

56.1m of fabric was from online vs. 40.6m from bricks and mortar stores (58% vs. 42%). 4m of dud fabric was purchased, 100% online from ebay!

I used a total of 85.7 metres of fabric this year, including lining and 1 UFO of a pair of leggings I am too lazy to sew. 45.5m (53%)came from the new fabrics I bought and the other 40.2m (47%) came from old stash.

As you can see, I acquired much more fabric than I used (11m). However, in my mind it is a lot more even because of all the lining fabric I bought.

I haven’t thought a great deal about sewing goals for next year. I am reluctantly returning to work full-time (I say reluctantly because it was the school that preferred me full-time). The last time I worked 5 days a week was before I had children and back then I only sewed on the holidays as my weekends were busy socialising.

I guess my main goal will be to sew a little bit each day, maybe working on easier projects during the week and keeping challenging ones to the weekend or holidays. I am going to be pushing myself to hit the machines rather than the couch at night.

The other goal will be to wear more colour. Someone made a comment on my blog last year when I made a black Colette Chantilly dress about why I had not chosen a colour and I guess on some level that stuck with me. I have trying to dress with less black and more colour lately.


  1. Its been great reading your blog this year, and wow you've made a lot when its all added up like that! I really liked the yellow t-shirt and your trenchcoat and can't wait to see more pants next year!

  2. What a productive year you have had! I admire how you kept tabs on all your projects and fabric. I am so disorganized when it comes to things like that, LOL. Best wishes for another great sewing year. The colors you've added to your wardrobe are great. I love the trench coat you made. It is such a pretty shade of purple.

  3. Great reflections! I love how sewing can bring you happiness as well as surprises and I think it makes our style evolve. It's great that you found out that pencil skirts suit you, because this one really does :) I've also had the chance to try out StephC's pants block and it does make a huge difference. I wish you a good balance between work and sewing for 2013!

  4. Hi Marie! :)
    Wow - you've done some beautiful work in 2012! :)
    I have an award for you on my new blog (In Over My Head) - feel free to play along or not, whatever suits you. :)
    In any event, I'm sending my wishes to you and yours for a very Happy New Year! :)

  5. Happy New Year! I think 11m short of what you bought is pretty good! I think I went over about 20 yards, despite the best of intentions.
    I hope you have a good transition back into working full time.

  6. Good luck in returning to work full time; I hope you can still make time for your sewing. Oh and your yellow top and purple trench look so good on you, so hear, hear! to cutting back on the black.

  7. Good luck with returning to your full-time job, I am sure you will find it rewarding and quickly slip back into the groove!
    I'm really impressed with your statistics, the idea to keep tabs on the metrage is brilliant!


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