Monday, December 03, 2012

A typical day at school

A typical day at work during the summer is me wearing a pair of Jalie 2909 with a light cotton top or tee. I like the pants cut to knee level. This is my latest pair, in a navy bengaline. I can't think of anything navy that I have sewn, probably because I had a navy uniform at school. I am not so troubled by navy at the moment, and these might actually go with the new staff polo shirt as well. 
We were playing hangman as a lead in to the book I was about to read. I think I have played hangman twice this year, I record for me! And yes, that is a blackboard. The school has invested in interactive whiteboards (and I have an interactive screen in this spare room) but sadly, I pretty much get chalk dust on me everytime I work. There are only so many things you can show on the interactive screen.


  1. This outfit must certainly be the unofficial 'uniform' of teachers - it definitely is with me! As for the blackboard, I have a 1/2 blackboard, 1/2 whiteboard combo, but no luck with the interactive equipment. I do have a projector, connected to my laptop that serves to motivate the students on certain days...don't you just hate all the chalk-dust stains on your navy pants??? It drives me crazy...

  2. It certainly drives me crazy. It is worse when I am trying to be careful to not get it on me.


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