Monday, November 20, 2006

Peacock bag finished

I wonder if it is just me, but why do two images come up when I only did one?
Anyway, I finally got around to finishing the peacok bag that I started so long ago...all it needed was some handles. I decided not to line it - truthfully I could not be bothered to measure the original to find out the demensions.
Note to self - do not try to skimp on fabric for end up using more when you discover the thinner handles are out of proportion with the rest of the bag.


  1. Marie, I love it

  2. I love this Marie! And I have discovered not to skimp on handles too, yet for some reason I keep doing it and then having to redo them to get it right.

  3. Well done on the bag, it looks great, I can't wait to make a bag.

  4. oh i love that design!


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