Monday, November 27, 2006

A wedding photo + a teeny project

Cindy came around to scan some photos to show Mick...pity I could only work out the borrowed scanner today. We ended up taking a photo of the photo but I thought I would post this picture for Sam to look at. BTW she made her top and skirt and it looked fabbo.

This is the first of a few coin purses that I want to make for my nieces. I changed the pattern this morning so that the part folding down lines up properly with the rest.


  1. The little coin purse is so sweet, what a great gift idea!

  2. yay!!!!!! thanks for the photo!

    Cindy looks beautiful (of course!) doesn't she....

  3. Cindy Kinion3:22 am

    Hi Marie,
    I have finally had some time to sit down and take a good look at your blog spot. It was a nice surprise to see our wedding photo posted up there. All of your projects look fantastic, of course! I might have to get you sewing a few little outfits for Jo-anne's baby and our German friends, Lucia and Harry, are also having a baby in March. I'll get back to you with a order.
    Bye for now, Cindy


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