Sunday, November 05, 2006

Yesterday my long-time friend Cindy married her American beau Mick. We had the best rain we have had in a very long time, which started again right when we started taking photos outside.

Lets see, we travelled in old FJ Holdens to the church in the pouring rain, only stopping the once when a windscreen washer fell off! (At least it wasn't a flat tire). I made it done the aisle carrying a beautifl, if heavy, bunch of native flowers, all without tripping or laughing.

By the end of the cemermony, it had stopped raining and we made our way to Peppers where the photos were to be taken. The bride got a bit annoyed at the guests who followed the wedding party and watched over the photo session. Peppers was an ideal choice for photos though, as it overlooked a beautiful valley with a river, winding road and various farms.

It was absolutely freezing though, and I nearly fell into the rock pool twice, as my heels got caught in the many holes in the wooden planks. The canapes were delicious, the speeches very good. I was really happy that people laughed at my speech lots. There were lots of good and fun songs to dance to and I had a chance to dance with Wayne to the lovey-dovey ones and with Anna and some others to the fun ones...felt like I was back at high school at a dance.

I was extremely sad when I rang up to say goodnight to Jay and she had already gone to sleep...first time away overnight and I found it very hard. It was also hard when Cindy and Mick were saying goodbye - I cried again. It was the best wedding I have ever been to.


  1. Marie, sounds great, any pics to show us?

  2. That sounds like a beautiful day, how did Cindy cope with the rain? My dad has old Holdens - a number of them- I went to my wedding in his FX. I love them, I think they are in my blood.
    Glad you had a good time.

  3. No, no pics. As well as forgetting the camera, I was busy all day as BM and DH was videoing the wedding and helping out with general stuff.

  4. Marie, wedding sounds truelly lovely! Well done for giving a BM speech too! I did that for my BF's wedding a few years back, felt so good to help make her day a bit more special, know just how you feel! :)

  5. awwww.....i'm so sad i couldn't go. :( Glad it was a good day though.

  6. awww.... am sad I couldn't be there :(

  7. Cindy Kinion3:29 am

    Hi All,
    Well, here's a note from the bride herself to say that Marie was a wonderful bridesmaid. Not only did she look stunning, but she made a great 'Aussie' speech and was a huge help throughout the preparations and on the big day. Thanks also goes to Wayne for all of his filming, for helping with the umbrellas, for putting our gear in the room and for being a support for Marie. Thank you to you both. You're both very special to me.


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