Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sorry for the long self-indulgent post

There are not many things in life that I have failed at. Many times I feel like I have failed but haven’t really. And there are a lot of things I won’t attempt because I am pretty certain I may fail them.

I am a bit sad to say that I am no longer in business. I wasn’t going to make a big announcement because to be frank it is very hard to say that my business failed.

For some time now, I was feeling a little rejected because it felt personal - I had put so much care into sewing the garments that I felt very attached to them. But yesterday as I was looking at them, trying to figure out which ones I could use for my own children, I realised how proud I was that I had had a go. How proud I was of my sewing too (I did good work!)

And I realised that I wasn’t being rejected. My heart is with sewing and not with business. My priorities were for myself, my growing bubba and my family and friends and somehow my business was not near the top of that list. Plus I am not good at promoting myself - I find it a bit embarrassing. I am just not a business person.

Aquaberry may come back at some stage, but for now I am just sewing for me and my family.


  1. Anonymous6:52 am

    Marie, I hear you post completly! I'm too scared to try new things for fear of faliure. I grew up constantly being told I was stupid, I'd never succeed, I'm too dumb to get anywhere. I've got huge dreams to have my own home business but I'm too scared of failure to take the plunge..

    Hugs, maybe other time? Sorry I don't know what else to say...


  2. Oh Marie, I'm sorry. I do have to agree with you about something though, 'YOU DID GOOD WORK!'. You've made some absolutely lovely things for your children, yourself and for others. You should be proud of yourself :).

  3. Oh Marie, be proud you took the leap, be proud of the lovely things you made and most of all be proud that you are following your heart.
    You are one of the most talented sewing mummas I have had the pleasure to 'know'.

  4. I agree Marie, you did do good work, it is really hard to make a business work when you have little children, and especially a newborn. I know that I just wouldn't have the motivation to keep it up as I just want to be with my kids for now. As you said maybe when they are a bit older.

    Don't ever doubt yourself, or your sewing, you have not failed, it just wasn't the right time for you.

    Keep sewing for your gorgeous children and your lovely friends, I am sure they all appreciate it!

  5. Marie - failed is definitely not the right word for this situation.

    You should be proud of all that you have achieved, to even have taken the step to set up your own business is a huge move, and of that you should be proud.

  6. Marie, you definitely didn't fail... WAHM businesses are 95% self-promotion I think. Your quality is outstanding, I can see that from your posts and I think you're a great sewist. *Mwah*...xx

  7. No way have you failed! I would think most people would find it too hard to keep up lots of sewing with a brand new baby. You make beautiful things, you have every right to be proud of them!!


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