Monday, November 26, 2007


Now, I have been sewing for some time and I make 95% of my clothes and Jalisa's...

This shelf is children's woven fabric
This is some leftover polar fleece and other smaller knit - only good for baby clothes or something. In the background is a bag full of knits for me that I forgot to get a picture of.

Hmm, just a couple of pieces of knit - plus my sewing magazine collection.

This shows a bag of terry knit, a box of slinky knit and a pile of smaller cuts suitable for clothes for Scott - some of it was gifted to me.

Two shelves of fabric for me. Top is woven, bottom is knits (there are also a few gifted ribbing pieces shoved in there - oops)

The two nappy boxes are full of knits (like french terry etc) for tracksuits. Plus this is where all my newer boy fabric has been shoved.

Bottom drawer is full of various knits. Top draw is for patterns.
Bag of fat quarters and half yard cuts of "cool" fabric. Have also bought a few tees to applique - (need to cut down on some of my sewing somehow).

I also have just washed a small pile. Now that I think about it, the fabrics for me would last longer than the kids stuff because I am only adding to my wardrobe rather than needing new things constantly. Plus adult fabric cuts take up more room.

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