Sunday, November 04, 2007

Splash of purple

Dyeing is all about experimentation I have found. Oh, and learning that I need to use my brain!

Last time I found that I could have added a lot more water.Two things I learnt this time around: 1. When dyeing large amounts of fabric, you will need to add more dye powder. Logical (but then again, I never did that well at maths plus I was thinking of my previous experience of being able to add a little more water than I did). 2. When dyeing using secondary or teritiary colours, the other colours will come out if you don't use enough dye powder.

I actually used a ultra violet coloured dye. I thought I might get shades of mauve through to the deep purple. I wasn't expecting blue to come out too (though that is once again logical since violet is made by adding red and blue together).

So here is my outfit. Fabric is dyed cotton lycra knit. Pattern is an old Kwik Sew favourite. Jalisa requested a tee and shorts for her too, but I will wait until she actually needs some new clothes. she is just swimming in outfits.


  1. That looks great Marie! I love the colours.

  2. Marie to looks great and so do you post baby

  3. Gorgeous colours Marie, and I agree with Cass, you look very svelte for someone with a little bubba!


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