Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Buying online

I just love the ease of shopping online. No need to queue up and wait. No screaming kids and rude sales assistants. One can just sit at home and if you are anything like me you are in your jammies when you make that purchase.

This is a great blog entry of six one six on indie businesses. http://616sixonesix.blogspot.com/2006/07/indie-community.html

I love the part about how much love and care goes into each individual creation. It is so true...not that I have a biz yet but I am in the process of planning it out and I am starting to make stuff to sell in a forum community's online store. I have put as much if not more care and certainly as much love into these garments as the clothing I make for my daughter. I just am loving the process.

I wonder if people realise that when they buy indie or WAHM made that they are supporting real people with great talents, not just "lining the pockets" of investers and executives. I wonder if people think about all the emotion that is sewn, knitted, stirred, beaded or otherwise fashioned into the item or all the time and energy it takes to design something unique and fresh...

So where can you buy these items?
These are some Aussie ones that I have come across in my travels...I would love to hear of others.

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