Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Years ago, while I sewed all my clothes, I did not particularly like seewing...I liked the fabrics and patterns and the finished article. That has changed lately, I am not sure when. I am a *bit* of a perfectionist with my sewing and I fine that I really love the sewing part.

I was making a dress yseterday but the proportions were just not right. So I cut it back into a top (I used my top pattern and just added a skirt). I am making a seperate skirt to go with it. I decided after the top was finished that it needed something else, so I made have to un-stitch to do some applique. Or maybe it will work like it is.

I have to clean the oven and the dishes before sewing though...I can't even use the oven because it smokes out the house...don't ask.

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