Sunday, July 09, 2006

Competition entry

I spent part of Saturday doing this...I have a stack of that zebra print and I just love using it. I originally bought it to make a sling but realised I was short by a little.

I am thinking of selling this in the Crafty Mamas shop (link is to the side) but not sure on a price. I will see if I get some more feedback about it.

I saw my SIL (E's mum - I made the overalls for him). I was a tad down because she did not say anything about them at the time and I thought that she might not like them. I saw her today and she says she loves them and they have had lots of comments about them. That made me feel fantastic...though I should have told her that they can get their own from me if they want. I really need to work on letting people know that I am selling my creations.

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