Thursday, December 21, 2006


I have had some exciting mail - and I don't really know for sure who they are from. Yep, secret santa swaps.

The is the swap from the EB sewing group - I am so in love with the top piece of fabric - that is so me (graduates from light pink to hot pink at each end). I think I will make that into a skirt. The other pieces will have to sit into the stash until I gain inspiration (I need ideas people). Thank you SS (they even included a gift of hairclips for Jalisa).
This is from the Crafty Mamas handmade swap. I simply cannot believe someone has made this purse - I am in awe of their talent. Thank you for this fantastic gift.
We are on holidays for the next two weeks, so no internet access - I hope I will survive.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas outfits plus some gifts

I have made both versions of the shell top a couple of times already, but since I had to size up and was pressed for time, I decided to add the lining instead of making constrasting bias like I normally would. This is the first time making this skirt, and I was hoping it had a bit of flare like the picture showed. I bought this fabric way back when I was pregnant thinking I would make a jacket...but lately it said it wanted to be a dress or a skirt.

I am happy with the result. The bias skirt is more flared than it looks below, and the rayon/linen is so yummy to work with.I did forget to understitch at the right time, but I managed to fit a little bit in before it got too narrow at the straps.
Jalisa wore her Christmas outfit, so I could finally take a photo. She is a wee bit sick but we had a great night out.
I made a few more origami tissue pouches as part of gifts for my friends. The other half of the gift is some yummy soap from Shellie at Rustic Luxury - jellybean and hazlenut+vanilla.
Pouches open.
And closed.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


We had the most awesome day yesterday. We went waterskiing - first time since March (which is a little unusual for us I suppose). On my first go, I tried to do a bank start (which I haven't successfully done since before I was married due to pregnancy and lack of time to practice). After a couple of attempts I gave up (and did my usual water start). Since we were child-free and had relatively few people with us, I thought I would be brave and try a few things - which of course resulted in a few spills and tumbles.

Next turn I was still sore so opted for a wild tube ride - really fast so that the water bites your butt as you wizz along. I was debated whether I was going to practice my bank start, try to sit the chair up on the disk or go on the wakeboard when we ran out of fuel.

What the great bit about the day was I finally got to drive the boat while towing others, which I have never done (and I have had my lisence for nearly 18months). no pictures - we forgot to take the camera.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Yesterday's creations

I finally got around to getting a new ink cartridge, so I could do the applique on Jalisa's stocking. I was stingy and only used one of the Michael Miller FQs (Santa disco dot). I think the J was placed a little too high, I forgot to make some type of loop and the shape of the stocking looks more like a boot, but I am still happy with it. Since I have no mantel or *nice* place to hang it, I have pegged it to the Christmas tree. I just wish the photo had captured the beautiful lights.

The other thing I made yesterday was some playdough - I thought I had made it way to runny so I left it out to dry while we ran some errands and it came to the right consistency. Next time I am going to add some scent as it so fun for adults to play with to. I made green and purple yesterday, to add to the pinky-red that we brought home from the creche room at church. I am thinking that bright lots of scented playdough would make great gifts for the kids at mum's group and playgroup on their birthdays.
Jalisa is cutting her back teeth, hence the dribble. Oh, and the only cookie cutters I have I put in the dishwasher, so she is using some measuring cups/spoons for now.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Placemats and coasters

Last year I made a stack of pieced coasters so I had a request from my friend Cindy to make her some more using the fabric that I wrapped her hen's night pressie in. I decided to make just plain ones, with a couple of placemats as well. Hope she likes them!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Updated Christmas outfit

I made an outfit for Jay in July (as part of a Christmas in July competition) - the top is a little big so I made an alternative top, plus some bloomers to wear under the red tiered skirt. I needed to keep it fairly simple so that I can finish my other Christmas projects.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Origami with fabric

Sewing mamas has a download for making these really cute origami tissue pouches - it seems like the folds won't work until you have sewn it and turn it right side out. Really nifty. You put your tissues/hankies in the slot, and there is a space for other things too.
After making the above puches, I thought it would be possible to make a wallet with some tiers for cards etc. After two attempts to get the folds and proportions right, I came up with this:

Hmm - you can faintly see the lines where you can put cards, money etc.