Saturday, January 05, 2008

Create 08

As our camping holiday turned out the way it had (raining every day, gale force winds) we spent more time at our tent than normal. I usally write lots of list of the things I want to make but this time I mainly had it in my head.

My main goal for 2008 is handmade gifts for everyone plus all clothes for myself and the children. Now, this has pretty much been done in 2007 but there is now an extra family memeber (so less time and more clothes to make) plus I really want to do the things that I say I will do.

The secret will be to be more organized.
☺ Make up list of present ideas for each anticipated child’s birthday.
☺ Draft up patterns and store in folder with instructions.
☺ Keep an eye out for sale fabrics (or priced at the right price) that will be suitable to make into gifts.
☺ Make up gifts (in batches) when feeling like sewing but want to do something different.

I also plan to keep a record of all sewing activity, and store in a folder (as well as in my blog). You know, a sketch of the design, swatches of fabric, any adjustments, care instructions etc. That way, I can look at how much I have done in the year and refer to any tips that I have left myself. This folder will be ongoing thoughout the years.

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