Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Getting to know you

If you want to, fill out this quiz in your own blog, so that I can get to know you a bit more (it might help with future swaps).

Describe your dress style: Fairly casual. I like to wear practical shorts/pants/denim for being Mum and when I am working but I love to wear dress and skirts. Tees/knit tops and cardigans and jackets in Winter. I would like to have a more creative look but I just don't like dealing with ironing etc for everyday wear.

Favourite colours: To wear, black, pink, white, silver, grey, green.

Colours you dislike: Many muted, burnt or fluro colours

Favourite prints:Pinstripes, some florals, paisley, some geometrics - I really like black and white prints

Prints you hate: gingham

What type of fabrics do you like to sew with and or wear (for yourself): Cotton, wool, rayon, linen and silk - can be mixed with spandex. Polyester is only good as polar fleece.

Do you like all different styles in your wardrobe or do you stick with the same basic styles in different colours: At the moment I have a lot of staples but years ago I had a lot of variety...I prefer a mixture though.

Favourite colours for your kids: white, brown, purple, pink, green for Jalisa, blue and white on Scott
Colours you dislike on your children: Same as me - I just don't really like those types of colours.
Favourite prints: Polka dots, retro inspired, flowers, stripes
Prints you hate: teddy bears
What kind of fabrics do you like to sew with: Cotton

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