Friday, June 17, 2011

MMJ 17 - another pair of pants sewn up

I decided to wear my new pants so I would only have to take one lot of photos for them! I used a charcoal polyester rayon blend, it has a very such metallic sheen to it. Very similar fabric to my other charcoal pants, although that fabric has a faint stripe through it.

The pattern is a combination of two patterns to make some pants with a wide curved waistband, front fly zipper, front pockets and straight legs (just had a look,# 107A from Burda 1/2006 plus #113 from 8/2003). After my last pair of pants (apparently they are flared, I call them wide leg) I wanted to make up my next pair with a skinnier leg. I decided a straight leg wasn't so unflattering at all.

For my next pair, I am going to try the alteration described by Sew 4 Fun. Just to see if I can get rid of those diagonal wrinkles under my butt!
It is really windy today, but sunny so it is not totally fresh. The pockets on the front have been very handy today for holding my keys. I always miss it when I don't have pockets in my pants while out and about.

I am wearing a RTW jumper, but a self made tee under.

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  1. These look fabulous and oh so versatile. Nice job!


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