Sunday, June 05, 2011

MMJ 3, 4 and 5

I have read that some bloggers are a little over the Me Made/Self-Stitched concept. Me, not so much plus I had a mini-revelation regarding my pants and pants leg shape.

Day 3:purple ruched sleeve tee, blue flared jumper, grey wool pinstripe pants.

Weather: cool but not too bad

Plans: grocery shopping, general chores, tracing patterns

I made the pants from a wool blend that I washed before cutting but I am sure that they shrank because they were not always this tight. This was made using my old favourite Burda pants pattern (circle 2003!). It has the curved waistband (yoke as Burda say) on the front, invisible zipper at the side and a flared leg. Love me a flared leg. I don't use this pattern anymore because I like my fly front pants better.

When I looked at the pictures of me on day 1, I was not happy. Those wide leg pants are very comfortable but they make me look really wide. The red straight legs ones are alright, but like I said, I like flared legs.

So that afternoon I traced off a new pants pattern, combining the elements that I like. I have cut out the fabric to test them out, but it will have to wait until at least Thursday when I get a chance to sit down at the machine and actually be able to think.

Day 4:purple marle cowl jumper, elastic waist black skirt + blue tee, black gored skirt and tweed jacket to church (no photo)

Weather: Coolish and bearable

Plans: Buying supplies at some fabric stores, sewing jeans, pulling my hair out as jeans were not behaving themselves.

Day 4: bright blue tee and Jalie jeans

Weather: lovely in the sun, icebox inside our house.

Plans: teach sunday school, nanna nap, chores

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  1. Doing a me-made month is a great exercise in wearing what you make,but even more so, evaluating what you make.

    I love your Jalie jeans on Day 4! Those are very slimming. Actually, I do like the shape of the wool pinstripes ones, too.


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