Thursday, June 02, 2011

The start of Me Made June

Me Made June (MMJ) here is going to be a tad boring. June is Australia is the first month of Winter. Being a Queenslander born and bred, I tend to be a bit of a wimp and freeze throughout the colder months while people that have migrated here tend to think that Winter is really mild and you only require a light jacket at the most.

Winter for me means a uniform of tees, jumpers or cardigans and pants. And a coat. When sewing, I use the same patterns over and over. Being stressed and quite sick lately, I have not produced many new Winter clothes. I did sew some new jumpers and tops earlier in the year, so that is good, but the one jacket I did sew is being held by the show society to go into the State final, so I don't have that to add to my rotation. I have a half sewn long jacket that would have been ideal, but I have stalled after getting to the lining and feeling bored.

MMJ will probably see the addition of my trusty RTW coat, which I need to wear most days and can't survive without.

Day 1: Grey pinstripe pants (Burda), off white tee (Kwik Sew), off white cowl jumper (Kwik Sew). Topped with a denim jacket, that was removed and replaced with a warm black coat.
Weather: grey and freezing
Plans: Work day

Day 2: red pants (Burda), white tee (Kwik Sew)

Weather: warmer with plenty of sun

Plans: School drop off, hanging at home, shopping at the larger shopping centre in town.


  1. Sorry I am not jioning you:) There really is only one winter thing in my wardrobe that I made myself + a few scarfs and cowls. I love the grey and freezing weather report:) I got a text from Tim on Wednesday and read "Hope that you are having a warmer day then me - currently 4 degrees (@2pm) and have lost all feeling in my toes" Now that is COLD brrr - and to think that I will be moving back to that next year bigger Brrrr.

  2. Kylie, I think I would be sitting on the heater in that type of weather. I would hate it.


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