Sunday, June 12, 2011

MMJ day 11 - my new pants

Okay, my latest pants morph is bit of a flop. The wool pants I made from my original favourite pattern (from a Burda WOF magazine circa 2003) have obviously shrunk, so the pattern does not represent the pants shape that I wanted to copy.

My new pants are a combination of my original favourite pants and these wide leg ones with the waistband, pockets and fly zipper I love (which funnily enough looks flared in the photo). They ended up way too wide and so I took them in by 1cm on the side seam from the thigh area down.

At least I only picked out some fabric that was worthy of these stupid pants. The content is apparently polyester and rayon but it frayed like crazy and puckered more than any fabric I have used in years that I suspect that the rayon content is very low, if present at all.

I was drawn to the herringbone weave - it makes the pants look grey, but the fabric is black and white.

Based on the photos I have been taking for Me Made June, I think I am going to stick to only variations of a couple of my favourite pants patterns: Jalie jeans, Jalie 2909 pants for stretch and my Burda straight leg pants. Somehow I feel they are more flattering.


  1. Too bad about the fabric content on these,but I really like the herringbone weave too and they have a nice subtle sheen. Experimenting with different shapes/styles is fun and definitely helps us to discover what we really like. Way to go on trying something new!

  2. I agree with Shannon - experimenting is a good thing (: Too bad about the fabric. I actually like the subtle flare on these pants.


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