Thursday, June 23, 2011

MMJ 18-23

Day 18:blue tee, purple cowl jumper, newer jeans
Plans: Going out socialising, outside, in the freezing cold. I had to add a coat plus I had a blanket around me I was so cold.

Day 19: white tee, charcoal grey wide leg pants, yellow RTW jumper
Plans: Sunday school and chores at home.
Day 20: Hot pink tee, blue jumper, black straight leg pants, plus coat and scarf.
Plans:working late. Thhis was taken after work and I was exhusted. Last week of school before holidays.

21: purple jalie top, purple jumper, grey pants
Plans: working. It ended up being a horrible day for me, let's just say good thing I only had one more day of work. My principal gave me chocolate for doing an extra bus duty the day before - he knows how to make me happy.

22: Forgot to take photo. I was in holiday mood.

23:Purple tee, blue jumper, new grey pants
Plans: baking for "bug ball" + attending "bug ball"

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