Friday, September 08, 2006


Had a delightful morning with Eccles from CM. We hit some op shops in Brisbane, in search of fabric. While I did not find any fabric I liked, I did grab some patterns, a wool jumper to reconstruct into some nappy covers, a denim dress for Jay and an embroidery hoop (really big size.

I am washing some fabrics at the moment and I might change threads on the overlocker so I continue with the pants. I could not seem to motivate myself to change colours - how lazy am I.


  1. Oh Marie, are you going to sew a bumjumper with that wool jumper??? Have only just discovered wool for nappy covers, would love to see a pict when you have done!

  2. I won't be making it until next year or whenever we have another baby. I might take a photo of the ones I have made previously if I can dig it out.

    I found the wool to be fantastic...I felted it beforehand and it was great in the summer. I did not find any more when I needed them but I think they would work all year around.


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