Sunday, September 10, 2006

So proud of myself

Usually when I go to SL I am the one rooting around in the bargain fabric section, loading up my trolley. But not yesterday. I found my curtain fabric, orange shades of pink dots (similar to MM's flamingo disco dots). I really like that combination of bright colours and it goes well with the pink bookcase.I bought enough for curtains, but I should have gotten extra so that I could update my overlocker cover (currently a piece of fabric draped over) and to cover the corkboard. the only other things I bought were some fray stoppa and a marking pencil. I was tempted by many othr goodies, including a emboidery threads pack, hand embroidery skeins and hoops...but I restrained myself.

As I had looked after a niece and nephew for a few hours, SIL returned the favour so that I could go to SL by myself. It was great.


  1. Marie, You've been tagged

  2. Photos.... where are the photos of the material or will it be shown later?

  3. I will take them the washing know, I brought a camera with me on Friday and did not take one single photo...I am shocking

  4. Oh I can't wait see the dots Marie. I picked up some nice dots at SL too yesterday, but yours sounds even better!


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