Thursday, September 21, 2006

Exciting news - I recieved my biz rego yesterday, with my first choice a winner. Yay. So I am actually able to progress with an ABN, get a domain name etc.

I finished the shirred top for Jalisa yesterday. It is very much like the picture of my skirt, only a lot smaller. When she saw it, she wanted to try it on immediately - over her PJs. I will have to find a spot to put them away for down the coast, a place where I remember where at the right time, rather than in a year's time.

Tone on tone colours - i.e textured plains - if you like the "print" they are great too...thanks for reminding me Helen. I don't tend to buy much in the way of different textures - not to mix together anyway. Another thing to concentrate on rather than those delightful though aging prints.


  1. Oh Marie.. CONGRATULATIONS on getting your business name (and first choice too!) Good luck with everything, I wish you all the best! :D.. I love the skirt too!!

  2. Marie, congrats on the name! Hint? LOL Very exciting! Wish my DD was as enthastic about trying on the clothes on that I make her. Got to love textured plains too! :)


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