Thursday, September 07, 2006

Windy weather

So glad I am not teaching today. It is extremely windy today and it is well known phenomena (spelling?) in spec ed that windy weather = grumpy children. It certainly was making me grumpy when trying to hang washing and get some off the line.

I have been working on my black wool blend pants. I found, as I was inserting the invisible zipper, that I get a better result sewing from top of the zipper on both sides. It means that you have to sew with the fabric on the other side of the needle (i.e crammed in the space) but the seams where the yoke meet at perfectly even. Yay. Will take a pic when the pants are finished. I still have to hem and add the yoke facing. I might have them finished to wear tomorrow, when I go op shopping with a fellow Crafty Mama.

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