Saturday, September 16, 2006

To answer your questions

The fabric is leftover from Bonds - so it is nice and thick. I was disappointed when it came, as it was slightly off white-ish and I wanted white. But it is just lovely to work with. I can't think of who was selling it.

As for the pattern, I followed some directions in the vintage Kwik sew for babies book to change the sleeper into a long gown and then some other directions for adding a placket at the side. I then added a casing for elastic at the bottom.

I am going to make up some like these for when we have our next one - I was too busy working last time (and relaxing after work) to make anything much for a baby.

And Bronwen - I think I should become a handy-woman lilke you. I drill is on the charger, so it could not be done any sooner. DH is still fixing our car but we have cancelled waterskiing today so there should be time.

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  1. Ha Marie, those shelves you saw were my first second and third attempts, believe me I sweated blood over them. LOL


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