Saturday, August 19, 2006

Added pictures

This is Jay showing off her tower that she made by herself. She is also modelling the tracksuit I made ages can't see it here, but there are little hippos embroidered on the top and the bottom. Hoodies are so cute on littlies, don't cha think? The fabric used to be a pumpkin orange colour until I attacked it will bleach. Now it is a nice shade of peach.

The complete skirt. I really love this print and the pattern is a favourite of mine at the moment. It is a-line, has a yoke and side zipper. My fav pants pattern is like this too. The WWNW gals would love them. I started the skirt ages ago but had to stop as I did not have my invisible zipper foot. I kinda forgot it has 2 splits in the pattern and sewed on side completely up. However, upon finishing it, there is plenty of walking ease so it does not require two splits anyway.


  1. she's so cute! and i'm drooling over all of your fabric finds -- great stuff. that skirt is very stylish!

  2. Marie! Love this fabric!!! Think I saw it in SL yesterday but already have so much hot pink flowery stuff I restrained myself! LOL The skirt looks great! Is that you modelling?? You Yummy Mummy you!!

  3. thanks guys...yeah, that's me Helen


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