Thursday, August 10, 2006

Black Wool pants

I have abondoned the retro dress for now...there is just no way I can wear it if I finish it anyway, so I am a bit annoyed and don't want to finish it. It is a lovely fit, I just have too much trouble removing it.

So I have finally started on some black pants. I washed up some wool elastane that I bought years ago in a sale, I think for $8 a metre. It is gorgeous and I am really enjoying sewing with it. The pattern is a little bit gaucho, as I made it a larger size to deal with my rear end. It looks big enough to get on without a zipper! I should have made them at the start of Winter, but it is still cool and I should get plenty of wear...can you believe I have no black pants. I used to, pre-baby, but they don't fit.

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