Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A little progress

I spent a good part of yeaterday searching for a name and working on my marketing plan. I have to wait until the biz is registered to confirm the name though, so I won't give anything away! I wanted a name that doesn't sound like too many others, with a website available too - hard to do!

I also realised that I was calculating my prices wrong...not good at percentages apparently! It is actually easier to do now. I am a little worried that my prices seem high but I I do not want to underestimate my ability or indeed the time that I am putting into my work.

My plan is, and had been for awhile, to sell via an online mall and then if that goes well to move to my own webstore...very daunting for little ol me! It is hard for me to be open to more people than just my dh.

No time to sew - card making today at mother's group and then I have to do some more washing to catch up from the weekend. I also have to finish my data entry work.


  1. it's very exciting reading all this through your blog! i hope it all goes well for you!

  2. Hey Marie, I used to run my own business painting and selling ceramic tableware. Not on the net (too heavy to post) but at local markets. Pricing I always found daunting as like you said, you don't want to underestimate your time or ability. My tip would be if something sells like *insert finger snap sound* THAT, its too cheap, up the price! Its very exciting to read all this though. hope it goes well. Cheers, Helen


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