Friday, August 25, 2006

Do I step out?

Dilemma that has haunted me for some time - do I step out and make my sewing a business or do I keep it a hobby.

I have the support of my husband either way. Is my sewing is good enough? I think so - I am fast and I can make my own patterns. There are several options I can go with, opportunities have opened - do I take this as a sign to go for it?

I don't take risks often - is this hindering my ability to make the decision? If I have spent so long thinking, dreaming, planning, and this is what I want to do, why can't I just do it?

Pondering more today - I will sew today and see what the day brings.

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  1. Go for it. I really mean go for it!!
    You are talented and far too critical on yourself.


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