Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More exciting news

The other day, I found out that I had won the Crafty Mamas' July competition (creative children's clothing). Yesterday they announced the winner of the extra comp (christmas in july)...and I won that too.

I SCREAMED when I found out, as I desperately wanting to win the prize (Fabric gift voucher). Ahuge big thanks you to Lisa at CM and Leslee at Fashionable Fabrics. I can't wait to get the fabrics.

On another note, I got very angry when I read an article in the Sunday Mail titled: Sorry, but my children bore me to death. Fancy writing that!

This is my response to Ms Kirwan-Taylor's article (I wrote back)

Helen Kirwan-Taylor must be one of those narcissistic people that she is trying to avoid raising. No, I take that back because it appears that her children are rearing themselves. Maybe her children will be fine, but I would not be going around declaring that the needs of children can be met if you feed, shelter and tell them they are loved.

My parents both worked. I knew I was loved not because they simply told me (as I doubt I would believe it), but because they spent time with me, gave me physical affection, did special things for me, gave me words of affirmation and bought me things.

Kirwan-Taylor’s “needs” differ a great deal from those of her children. She needs not to be bored by the little things in life. No, she must deserve better because she spent so much time educating herself and building up her career not to bother with menial work us stay at homes are so “relentlessly” consumed with.

I think there needs to be some balance. Time for ourselves, time for our kids. I too believe that too a “kid first” culture is not right, but that doesn’t mean the “me first” culture Kirwan-Taylor is promoting is right either.

There was so much that could have been said, but I thought I would keep it as short as possible. I truly hope they get a lot of negative feedback, rather than positive. I couldn't stand other women actually embracing this junk.

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