Wednesday, August 30, 2006


So yesterday I had a good think and realised that really I wanted to open my own website - I discussed it with my husband and he agreed with me. I guess I felt I needed someone else's approval of my stuff. I just want to have a go.

My head is stuff and my throat sore, so I won't be doing much sewing today...arck, just when I actually have the time.

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  1. congrats on finally making a descision about selling. I think you should definatly go for it. What have you got to loose? I have no ideas on a cool name for you though. I'm hopeless at thinking up those things too.

    Do you have any nicknames that you call your kids, or that you get called yourself? That's how i thought of missymuh, it's what i call charlee all the time. Mind you i have now dicovered that there are at least two other businesses with the same name, but different spelling lol. But i am happy just selling my stuff on etsy atm. With family, my photography and sewing, i just don't have time to keep up enough stock for a "propper" store.
    Good luck, and i cant wait to see everything :)


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